VOLKSWAGEN Dealer Meeting

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Volkswagen Dealer Meeting

Gaylord National, Washington, DC

To the “A” Team: Just a short note of thanks to everyone for your outstanding efforts and tireless energy that resulted in the execution of a truly outstanding Dealer meeting.  I had the privilege of attending a luncheon yesterday with the Dealer Council, Brand Executives, Mr. Klingler and Dr. Winterkorn, and I can tell you that our Dealer meeting absolutely delivered on its intended outcomes.

I recall the feelings of fear and trepidation we all had when we were asked to pull this meeting together just a few short weeks ago.  True to form, because you are a team of professionals, everyone dug deep and figured out a way to make it work - not just to get it done, but delivered to a very high standard.  You absolutely exemplified the American “can-do” spirit that Jon described yesterday in his speech.


Again, I am truly grateful to you for your individual and our collective efforts that made this meeting successful.  You should rightfully be proud of what you and this Team accomplished.

Oh.  And 6 weeks from RFP to load-in.

Robert Martel

Vice-President, Customer Experience

Volkswagen of America, Inc.